www.pandoralistensca.net – Take Pandora Survey for Special Offer

Pandora Listens CA Survey:  Let’s Roll!

  • The survey is available in both French and English
  • Customers can use the code from a receipt to begin
  • Survey participants will earn the offer from the receipt
Ready to give Pandora your opinion?

The indirect rewards a customers receives from providing feedback (improved service, better products, etc.) should be more than enough incentive to spare a few minutes to complete an online survey.  That having been said, being rewarded at the end of the opining process sure doesn’t hurt anything.  Those who agree with this assertion may be interested to learn that Pandora is now providing a special offer in exchange for participation the store’s online survey.  Customers can begin the Pandora Listens CA survey by selecting a language (the options of English and French are presented).  Once a language has been decided upon, the customer can then enter the 18 digit code from a Pandora purchase receipt along with the time of the visit before hitting the Start button to move on to the questions.

Interesting Tid Bits on Padora

  • Pandora provides employment to more than 23,000 people worldwide (not a small feat!)
  • The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Copenhagen exchange (PNDORA)
  • Products are sold in over 100 countries spanning 6 different continents (WOW)
  • Pandora sells through over 7,800 points of sales (includes around 2,400 concept stores)
  • The company was established in 1982 and has headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark

Customers who are having a hard time finding the required information can try referring to the sample image of a Pandora receipt posted at the right hand side of the Pandora Listens CA survey (it should be pretty hard to miss as the image highlights and numbers both pieces information).  Additionally, customers can click the Privacy Policy link to review information about how the survey collects and uses information.  Customers with general questions for Pandora can call 888-556-9009 between the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM EST Monday through Saturday.

Pandora Corporate Offices

  • 5535 Eglington Avenue West, Unit 234
  • Toronto, Ontario, M9C5K5




www.TellLoafnJug.com – Begin Survey Loaf ‘N Jug Guest Experience

Take a Few Minutes to Tell Loaf ‘N Jug Your Thoughts

  • Customers can enter receipt information to begin
  • The survey provides sample mages for reference
  • Loaf N’ Jug customer service is available to help
How about an opinion or two?

One of the most effective ways a customer can let a retailer know how things are going is through the use of a quick and easy online survey.  Those who have recently stepped out of a Loaf ‘N Jug store can now provide feedback in a manner that may be just as convenient as the store is itself (that certainly says A LOT).  For instance, customers can initiate the Tell Loaf ‘N Jug survey by entering the date of visit, time of visit, and Entry ID shown on the purchase receipt from a recent visit.  Once the customer enters all of the required information they can click Start button to begin the actual question and answer portion of the process.  Those who would rather complete the survey in Spanish (as opposed to English) can do so by clicking the Español link posted at the bottom left hand side of the Tell Loaf ‘N Jug survey.

Taking a Minute’s Pause to Appreciate Loaf ‘N Jug

  • The store offers a huge variety of foods, beverages, and convenience and fuel products
  • Loaf N’ Jug is a division of Kroger and has over 170 locations (mostly in CO and WY)
  • Additional stores are located in the Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and New Mexico
  • All Loaf ‘N Jug locations stay open late with most of stores being open 24 hours every day

Customers who are a bit hung up on the part where they must enter the receipt information can try referring to the sample image posted at the right hand side of the Tell Loaf “n Jug survey (the image numbers AND highlights the exact location of the required information).  Those who are in possession of a receipt that looks nothing like the one displayed on screen can try clicking the link posted under the image to bring up an alternative receipt.  Customers with questions for Loaf ‘N Jug can reach out to the store’s customer service department between the hours of 8 AM and 12 AM EST Monday through Friday and from 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST on the weekends.

Loaf ‘N Jug Customer Service Number

  • 800-576-4377



www.dreams-pillowtalk.com – Begin Dreams Customer Feedback

Learn How to Take the Dreams-Pillow Talk Survey

  • Information about order or validation code is needed
  • Completion of online survey earns entry to prize draw

Opening up about one’s thoughts about a recent shopping experience isn’t always a high priority for those trying make ends meat in a fast-paced society.  However, when a voucher worth £500 is provided in exchange, the act of supplying a little friendly feedback may be catapulted to the very top of many “things-to-do” lists.  Those who have received in invitation to take the online survey located at the Dreams-Pillow Talk page can now spend few minutes providing feedback about a recent shopping experience in exchange for entrance to a prize draw for a shot at winning a voucher valued at a minimum of £500.  To begin the feedback process it will be necessary to confirm if the purchase was made during a visit to Dreams store. Those who made a purchase will need to enter the order number, amount spent on the purchase, date of purchase, and time of purchase at the Dreams-Pillow Talk page before getting started with the survey.

Get comfy and provide some feedback!

Many thanks! What else should I be aware of??

  • Open to customers of selected Dreams stores who are residents of Great Britain and over 18
  • Winners who made a purchase greater than £500 receive a voucher for the purchase amount
  • Winners will be selected by a random monthly drawing held by an independent adjudicator
  • Participants are limited to 1 entry per month with 1 prize voucher being awarded each month
  • Prize winners will be notified of their winning ways within 7 days of the monthly prize draw

Customers who DID NOT make a purchase at a store visit must enter a validation code at the Dreams-Pillow Talk page prior to getting started with the survey.  Those who successfully complete entry into the drawing should try to stay as alert as possible as those not contactable within 72 hours risk having their prize being handed over to another participant.  The names and counties of prize winners can be discovered by contacting one of the participating Dreams locations.

Dreams Sales and Services Phone Number

  • 0800 652 5090


www.guardair.com/survey – Begin the Guard Air Corp Survey

Getting Started with the Guardair Corp Survey

  • Online survey can be completed for a free knife
  • Participants must choose from 1 of 4 surveys
  • Customer service contact information is available

Most companies that are serious about compiling feedback on a product or service won’t hesitate to offer some sort of compensation in exchange for the valuable data.  Guardair Corporation is currently offering plenty of incentive for customers to share their thoughts by offering up a FREE knife in exchange.  Customers who deem this to be a fair trade-off can get started with giving their opinion by going to the Guardair Corp Survey page and selecting a product they wish to provide feedback for (Guardair Safety Air Guns, Guardair Vacuums, AirSpade Soil Excavation, Allpax Gasket Cutters).  Once a product has been selected participants can begin the online feedback process by filling out the first page of the survey (those who want to receive the free knife should double-check to make sure the name and address section is completed on the first page of the Guard Air Corp Survey).

Guardair Corporation In Review

  • Guardair Corporation is a leading manufacturer of best-in-class pneumatic tools and gasket cutters
  • The company has headquarters located in Chicopee, MA and has a history dating back to 1942
  • Guardair, AirSpade, and Allpax make up the three distinct brands offered by Guardair Corporation
  • The products offered by the company can be purchased directly or through distributors channels
  • Product pricing and availability can be obtained by contacting the Guardair customer service

Those who complete a survey at the Guardair Corp Survey page should be aware that they will be agreeing to be added to the company’s customer database and will be sent periodic emails.  The free knife offer is only applicable to residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico.  A bit of patience will be needed as it will take up to 8 weeks for the knife to be mailed via USPS (PO Boxes are not accepted as mailing addresses). Those who need to reach the company’s customer service department can do so by phone, email, or fax.

Guardair Customer Service

  • Phone – 800-482-7324
  • Fax – 413-594-4884
  • info@guardair.com



www.sidestepsurvey.com – Take Sidestep Survey & Get 10% Off

Sidestep Survey:  How to Begin

  • A language must be selected to begin
  • Store number is needed to take survey
  • Terms & Conditions apply to the offer

Any offer that provides a discount off a future purchase is a win for both the consumer as well as the store making he offer.  In this win-win scenario, the customer gets the perk of receiving a lucrative discount while the store receives the added likelihood of more business in the future.  Such a deal is now being offered by Sidestep in exchange for participation in its online customer survey.  Those who wish to take the store up on the offer can do so by going to the Sidestep Survey and selecting a language to provide feedback in (available in English, Dutch, and German- see the below example).  After choosing a language the store number shown on the purchase receipt must be entered to proceed with the online survey.  Those who want to know a little more about the discount before wading knee-deep into the survey process can click the link posted at the Sidestep Survey to review the Terms and Conditions associated with the offer (maybe just wade into the ankles before reading the policy).


Skimming Through the Terms and Conditions

  • Upon completion of the survey a discount of either €10.00/£7.50 off a purchase is granted
  • To receive the discount the total purchase amount must be for at minimum €50.00/£35.00
  • Validation code must be written on the receipt and brought to the store to get the discount
  • Customers must wait 7 days from the date of the initial purchase before using the code
  • The online survey must be completed NO LATER than 14 days after the initial purchase

Those who are having a hard time finding the store number needed to begin the survey should look no further than the sample image of a receipt posted at the left hand side Sidestep Survey.  The handy image circles the store number in red and also shows the location of the transaction number by circling it in blue (a little color coding is always helpful!).  Questions for Sidestep can be directed to the store’s customer service department between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday.

Sidestep Customer Service

  •  +49 (0) 2361 995 9020