www.hgtv.com/dreamregistry – Enter to Win a $2,500 Gift Card

How to Enter the HGTV Dream Registry Sweepstakes

  • Those who want to enter the sweepstakes can register online
  • The sweepstakes provides an online copy of its Official Rules
  • Participants must provide an email address to begin registration

A dream wedding registry is what many newly weds hope for.  However, those who enter the HGTV Dream Registry Sweepstakes may be able to take the “hoping” part out of it all together.  The sweepstakes is now live and is set to award the Grand Prize winner with a $2,500 Wayfair gift card (that should pretty much take care of anything that is overlooked on the registry!).  In addition to the gift card, the winner will also receive a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.  In order to begin an entry, participants must go to the online registration page and provide an email address.

More on the HGTV Dream Registry Sweepstakes

  • The sweepstakes lasts 1 month from February 19th, 2019 through March 19th, 2019
  • This is a multiple entry sweepstakes that allows 1 entry per day per person (SWEET!)
  • In addition to the Grand Prize, the sweepstakes also awards Daily and Weekly Prizes
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of all available prizes comes to $9,989.95
  • Has a similar overall prize value as the Chance to Win a Ford Sweepstakes

While on the topic of prizes, each of the Weekly Prizes include a convection counter top oven, a cold brew coffee maker, a 5 speed blender, and a 7 cup food processor (all from Kitchen Aid).  Meanwhile, the Daily Prizes are each a gift card valued between $50 and $500 depending on the day.

By the way, participants can review the full set of rules associated with the sweepstakes by clicking the Rules tab located next to above the email entry field.  Once the rules are up, the participant can find the exact dates of the prize drawings under the section 1.  Finally, those who want to find out who won the prizes can come back to the registration page after April 10th, 2019 for a list of the winners.

HGTV Dream Registry Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • Home & Garden Television
  • 9721 Sherrill Blvd.
  • Knoxville, TN 37932


Ready for more?




www.chancetowinaford.com – Win a 2 Year Lease on a 2019 Ford

Chance to Win a Ford Sweepstakes:  How to Enter

  • Participants can enter online or at a Ford Tour event
  • The online entry process provides info on Ford vehicles
  • The sweepstakes provides a copy of the Official Rules

It’ always nice to see a sweepstakes that lasts more than just a few weeks.  For example, the 2019 Ford Vehicle Sweepstakes lasts MUCH longer than a few MONTHS, let alone weeks.  The sweepstakes begins on February 1st, 2019 and runs nearly 11 full months before closing on December 16th, 2019.  In order to enter, participants can fill out the form they receive at a 2019 Ford Tour Event.  Alternatively, participants can enter at the online registration page by filling out the brief entry form.   Once the online form is completed, participants will have the opportunity to select up to 3 Ford cars to receive information about before submitting the entry.

More on the Chance to Win a Ford Sweepstakes

  • The winner will receive a 2 year lease on a 2019 Ford of their choice (Mustang??)
  • Unfortunately, this is not a multiple entry sweepstakes (only 1 entry per person)
  • The sweepstakes will decide the winner in a drawing around January 10th, 2020
  • The Approximate Retail Value of the 2 year lease must not be more than $10,800
  • The overall total prize value doesn’t quite match the Armour Pit Stop Sweeps

In addition to receiving information about Ford vehicles, participants can also sign up to receive incentives from Ford when entering the sweeps.  In order to do so, the participant must click the optional box located below the entry form.  By the way, there is also a mandatory box located below the entry form that participants must check to confirm they have read the Official Rules of the sweepstakes.  Those who want to make good on this can click the link posted at the very top of the online registration page to bring up a copy of the rules.

Sponsor of the Chance to Win a Ford Sweepstakes

  • Ford Motor Company
  • One American Rd.
  • Dearborn, MI 48126


Check Out What May Be the BIGGEST Sweepstakes of the Year

www.armourpitstop.com – Enter 2019 Armour Pit Stop Sweepstakes

How to Join the 2019 Armour Pit Stop Sweepstakes

  • Participants can complete an online form to register
  • The sweepstakes provides a copy of its Official Rules
  • Participants can request a copy of the Winners List
Go, Dale, go!

A ride along with one of the world’s best drivers is likely the dream of many racing fans across the country.  Believe it or not, this fantasy may very well become a reality for 1 very lucky fan thanks to the Armour Pit Stop Sweepstakes.  In order to enter, participants must to the online entry page and complete the brief registration form.  Once the form is complete, the participant can enter their Promo Code (if it applies) before submitting the registration.  By the way, it will be necessary for participants to check a box to confirm they have read and accept the Official Rules of the sweepstakes.

A Look at the Prize in the 2019 Armour Pit Stop Sweepstakes

  • The Grand Prize is a trip to a major race that includes a ride along with Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Whoever wins the First Prize will also receive a trip to a major race (no ride along though!)
  • In addition to the Grand and First Prizes the sweeps will award a total of 40 Monthly Prizes
  • Each of the Monthly Prizes is an Armour Prize Pack valued at $75 (who knows what’s inside)

A Review of the Armour Pit Stop Sweepstakes Official Rules

  • The sweeps lasts well over 7 months from February 15th, 2019 through September 30th
  • Participants must be legal U.S. residents and at least 18 years old at entry to be eligible
  • The value of all prizes will not exceed $16,000 (sentimental value may be much higher)
  • Participants can only make 1 entry per person throughout the sweepstakes

Participants can review the full set of rules associated with the contest by clicking the Official Rules button posted at the registration page.  Additionally, participants can also click the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page to share the sweepstakes with friends and family (be a good sport and spread the good news!).  By the way, the names of the prize winners can be requested by sending correspondence to 1400 Old Country Rd., #306, Westbury, NY 11590 (will not be available until after Halloween 2019 so hold those horses).

Armour Pit Stop Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • Pinnacle Foods Group, LLC
  • 399 Jefferson Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054


Here’s another sweepstakes to join…………..

www.shopplaywin.com – Enter Monopoly Shop Play Win 2019!

How to Shop, Play, and Hopefully WIN!

  • Participants can register for the promotion online
  • Existing participants can login to make another play
  • Extensive Frequently Asked Questions list is available

When a new promotion is set to award over $150 MILLION in prizes and money saving offers something between excitement and MASS HYSTERIA is bound to ensue.  Come February 6tth, 2019 all eyes will be on what’s sure to be one of the biggest promotions of the year (it definitely was last year).  Those who don’t want to miss out on the fun can begin by signing up for the Shop Play Win! promotion at the online entry page.  Prior to completing the registration, participants must check a box to confirm they agree to the Terms & Conditions.  Meanwhile, those who are coming back for more login with an email address and password (no limit to the amount of times a participant can be a winner!).

Inside the Shop Play Win! Rules & Regulations

  • The promotion is being conducted at a total of 2,305 participating grocery stores
  • Opens on February 7th, 2018 and lasts about 3 months before closing on May 8th
  • Online game prizes not claimed by May 29th, 2018 will be forfeited (stay focused!)
  • Customers are limited to 1 transaction in a 3 hour period (stay calm and wait it out!)
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of certain U.S. states

Participants who want to review the full set of rules surrounding the promotion can do so by clicking the Rules link posted at the top of the registration page.  Additionally, those with questions (with a promotion this big there are sure to be many) can try reviewing the extensive Frequently Asked Questions list (click the FAQ link).

The full list of stores participating in the Shop Play Win! promotion (along with the list of eligible states) can be found within the Rules & Regulations.  The participating brands that participants should keep their eyes open for are shown at the promotion’s registration page.

A Few Good Reasons to Join the Shop Play Win Promotion

  • Any promotion that puts a new spin on Monopoly is sure to be exciting
  • With all of the prizes, this may be your best chance to finally win something
  • Registration only takes a minute and participants can earn plenty of chances

By the way, the first name and last name initial of those who win a prize valued at $600 or more can be discovered by sending a written request for the Winners List (must be received no later than September 29th, 2018).  Finally, those who don’t claim their online game prize by May 28th, 2019 will forfeit it (so please get on the ball and claim that prize that took you so long to finally win!).

Shop Play Win! Promotion Winners List Request Address

  • P. O. Box 813368, Smyrna, GA 30081


www.reebok.com/feedback – Take Reebok Survey & Win Shoes

Reebok Feedback

  • Complete customer survey for a chance to win a new pair of shoes
  • Survey can be completed online at designated survey website
  • Receipt image posted at survey page for participant assistant

Customers that have made a recent purchase from a Reebok store are well advised to take a look at the bottom of their receipts to find out how they can complete the online Reebok feedback survey for a chance to win a new pair of shoes valued up to $120.  To get started with the survey customers will need to go directly to the website listed at the bottom of the receipt and enter the date of purchase, store number found on the receipt, transaction number found on the receipt, and age.  Those having a hard time finding any of the required information should refer to the image of a store receipt posted conveniently on the Reebok Feedback survey page (required information will be highlighted).


Who, What, When, and Where?

  • The Reebok feedback survey contest is open to legal residents of the United States and DC
  • Survey participants will have a chance to win one of 12 pairs of Reebok shoes valued up to $120
  • There will be 12 draws throughout the year with one drawing occurring on a monthly basis
  • Monthly winners requests address: P.O. Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI, USA 48325

Reebok is a global footwear and athletic apparel brand that has been operating as a subsidiary of Adidas since 2005.  The brand began in 1890 when J.W. Foster made the first ever running shoes equipped with spikes.  Corporate-related questions for the shoe giant can be addressed by contacting the Reebok headquarters in Canton, MA.

Reebok Headquarters Contact Information

  • 1895 J W Foster Blvd, Canton, MA 02021
  • 781-401-5000