www.myprotection1.com – Login to Pay Bill & Manage Account

Logging Into My Protection 1

  • An email address is needed gain access to an account
  • One-time payment can be made (no login needed)
  • Customer service is available for assistance

It benefits a company to make paying for its products or services as easy as humanly possible.  When it comes to enhancing the customer experience through an easy payment process it appears My Protection Security Solutions is right on track.  Customers who have already registered for an online account can view a bill and make a payment online through the simple process of logging into the My Protection 1 page with an email address or User ID. Those who have yet to sign up for online access can do so by entering the primary phone number of the monitored location along with the Verbal Security Password or Account Number (password is the word or number customers provide to the Monitoring team to cancel a false alarm).  Customers who are having difficult time finding the account number can refer to the sample image that shows exactly where it is located on an invoice.

What can I do with an online account besides pay a bill?

  • Users can review alarm activity and manage verbal and duress passwords
  • The portal provides certificates of insurance and downloadable manuals
  • Customers can manage emergency contacts and order new yard signs
  • My Protection Security Solutions systems can be placed on test mode
  • Customers can manage passwords (might be a good idea to change often)

Those who aren’t interested in logging into or signing up for an account through the My Protection 1 page can opt to make a one-time payment instead.  In order to make the one-time payment an account number, customer name, payment amount, email address, and payment method (debit card, credit card, bank account) must be entered.  Customers with questions about the one-time payment process can try using the Live Chat feature or calling customer service directly.

My Protection Security Solutions Customer Service

  • 877-776-1911


www.connect.amgreetings.com – Login American Greetings Connect

Connect to the AM Greetings Portal

  • Certain browser requirements apply
  • Session login assistance is available

Existing users who need to access an AG Connect session can complete the online sign on process by going to the Connect AM Greetings page and logging in with a username and password.  Those who are attempting to gain access using an IBM compatible computer will want to make sure they are using a supported web browser before logging in (Internet Explorer 5.x and above will be needed).  Users who have a Macintosh computer will need to have either Safari 1.0 or Internet Explorer versions 5.x and above.  To maintain a session, all browsers must be Javascript enabled and able to accept cookies.  It is important to note that any Connect AM Greetings user who attempts to login to the portal 5 times unsuccessfully will be locked out of their account.  Those who encounter an unsuccessful login attempt may want to check their password as they expire after 120 days.

A Few Facts Pertaining to American Greetings

  • American Greetings Corporation is a creator and manufacturer of innovative social expression products
  • Major card lines include American Greetings, Carlton Cards, Gibson, Recycled Paper Greetings and Papyrus
  • American Greetings was founded in 1906 and currently generates annual revenue of approximately $1.9 billion
  • Other paper product offerings include DesignWare party goods and Plus Mark gift wrapped and boxed cards

Connect AM Greetings users who need to create a new password should make sure that it is at least 6 characters and does not contain spaces or punctuation. Out of the 6 characters 4 must be alpha and 2 must be numeric (passwords are case-sensitive and cannot contain more than 2 repeating characters).  Users who are experiencing login issues or who have other questions regarding their account can seek assistance by calling the American Greetings Call Center.

American Greetings Call Center

  • 1-800-AG-CARDS



www.hbodigitalhd.com – Enter & Redeem HBO Digital HD Copy

HBO Digital HD:  How to Redeem

  • Code from insert is needed to redeem the copy
  • A list of current available titles can be browsed

In the world of movies and television programs ownership of a certain title doesn’t feel complete unless a digital copy can be obtained to go along with the physical copy.  It looks like HBO has a firm grasp on this concept as shown by the ease of which fans can redeem content through the HBO Digital HD page.  Once at the page, users can begin the process by entering the redemption code found on the Digital HD insert they received with their media. After keying in the redemption code the process can be completed by selecting a provider and enjoying the many hours of entertainment the content is sure to provide.   Fans who would like to see what content is offered on HBO Digital HD can click the Browse button to review a complete list of current titles available to be redeemed.

Get that digital copy!

Current Titles Available on HBO Digital HD

  • Game of Thrones – Enjoy seasons 1 through 6 of this ever compelling series that follows the many characters who compete for control of the Iron Throne
  • Banshee – Viewers can take a journey to the small but never dull town of Banshee, PA as all 4 seasons of this riveting action/drama are now available
  • Vice Principals – The first season of this no holds barred comedy documents two high school vice principals who team up to take down their new boss
  • Divorce – Sarah Jessica Parker returns to HBO in this new series about a married couple going through the seemingly endless process of getting divorced

When browsing the list of current HBO Digital HD titles content can be obtained by clicking the Purchase button and selecting where to buy it from (Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox Video, and Sony).  Those who have questions or need assistance may want to try reviewing the FAQ list available at the bottom of the page.

HBO Consumer Affairs

  • 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036
  • general@hbo.com



www.89puresleep.com – Begin Order Pure Sleep Internet Offer

Ordering the 89 Pure Sleep Offer

  • Offer includes a free additional PureSleep product
  • Product can be tested for 30 days before purchase

Dipping a pinkie toe into the water before taking the full on plunge is usually a good idea.  Those who have been considering the anti-snoring product PureSleep can do just that thanks to the current internet offer that allows the product to be tested for 30 days prior to making the purchase.  To take advantage of this low risk opportunity customers will need to head over to the 89 PureSleep page and click the Try Now button.  Prior to completing the ordering process a brief online questionnaire that contains a variety of health related questions must be completed.  Before beginning the questionnaire through the 89 PureSleep page, customers should make note that the PureSleep is an FDA cleared prescription device and therefore requires customers to be 18 years of age or older to purchase or use the product.

What else should I be aware of regarding PureSleep?

  • The product works through mandibular repositioning (a technique that holds the lower jaw forward and opens the airway to address cause of snoring)
  • PureSleep has a remarkable record of safe and effective use and has been used by thousands of snorers without a single FDA reportable adverse event
  • Prior to using PureSleep it will be necessary to immerse the device in boiling water before removing it to cool and mold it to the shape of the mouth
  • It is normal for customers to feel soreness and fatigue in the jaw, teeth, and gum areas at first use (severe or ongoing pain is not a normal side effect)

When customers order now through the 89 PureSleep page they will receive an additional device for FREE.  Those who are not satisfied after the 30 day trial can simply return the product (however, $9.95 must be paid up front for shipping and handling).  Customers who have questions regarding use the device can try reaching out to the PureSleep Helpline.

PureSleep Helpline

  • 866-879-3777


www.myacuvuerewards.com – Enter My Acuvue Rewards Account

How Do I Access My Acuvue Rewards?

  • Account login and registration can be completed
  • List of rewards by brand is available for review
  • Customer support is available by phone or mail

Anyone who pays attention to the various customer reward programs offered by companies likely understands that not all are created equal.  Acuvue is doing its part to set its rewards program apart from the rest by offering customers savings of up to $200 per year when providing proof of an Acuvue purchase.  Contact wearers who like the concept of having 200 extra dollars in their pocket can sign up for the program by going to the My Acuvue Rewards page and clicking the Register for My Acuvue Rewards button.  To complete the registration an online form must be filled out with a name, email address, password, zip code, and date of birth.  Prior to submitting the registration form customers must confirm their experience with contact lenses and specify what type of contact lenses they use.

Acuvue rewards YOU!

More on the My Acuvue Rewards Program

  • The amount of the reward will depend on the brand and quantity of Acuvue lenses purchased
  • Rewards earned through the program will be awarded in the form of an Acuvue Visa Prepaid card
  • The Acuvue Prepaid Visa card can be used on purchases at any store where Visa cards are accepted
  • Customers should be sure to ask their eye care professional for a Rewards Code at the time of purchase
  • Acuvue Rewards are only available through in-office purchases made at participating retail locations

Customers who have already registered for the My Acuvue Rewards program can sign into an account using their email address and password.  Those who fail to recall a password while logging in can enter their email address to begin the reset process.  Customers with questions can send correspondence to Acuvue Customer Relations or seek immediate assistance by phone.  A full list of rewards and the corresponding products can be reviewed by clicking the See All Rewards link posted at the bottom of the rewards account.

Acuvue Customer Relations

  • 800-843-2020 (Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5PM EST)
  • 7500 Centurion Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32256