www.abgaccess.com – Enter Alerus Benefits & Retirment Plan

ABG Access to Benefit Plans

  • Users can gain access to their retirement and benefits accounts through online portal
  • Account recovery assistance is available to users who have forgotten their login credentials

Members of the workforce who hope to one day realize their retirement dreams deserve easy access to their Health Saving Accounts (HSA).  Those who have their retirement and benefits plans managed by Alerus can gain the access they deserve through the ABG Access page.  To access an account users will first need to verify their role (employer or employee) by clicking on the appropriate link.  Once the selection is made users will be directed away from the ABG Access page in order to complete the login by entering their Username and password.


Food for Thought on Health Savings Accounts

  • After retirement the average couple will incur over $200,000 in medical expenses (not cover by Medicare) which can be saved for in a tax-free manner with a HSA
  • Investors who doubt they will need all of their savings for medical expenses can rest easy knowing that the leftovers can be used on non-medical expenses (these will be taxed just like a 401k)
  • Both 401k and HSA contributions are made tax-free but only a HSA allows investors to withdraw the funds without being taxed (as long as the fund are used for eligible health-related expenses)
  • Despite the obvious benefits many use all of their pre-tax savings to pay for same year medical expenses and do not save for long-term medical needs

Users who are having problems entering their account (due to forgotten or misplaced login credentials) through the ABG Access page can begin the Username and password recovery process by clicking the links provided at login.  Those in need of further assistance can contact Alerus customer service by phone or email.

Alerus Customer Service Contact Information

  • 507-379-2818
  • 877-661-4727 (Toll Free)
  • abgaccess@abg-mn.com



www.cfahome.com – Employee Login Chick-fil-A Online Portal

Getting Started With CFA Home

  • Employees can login online using and password
  • Option to be remembered on computer is available

A company that doesn’t have an easy online method available for employees to access pertinent job related information is a company that is sorely out of touch with the times. Chick-fil-A is clearly demonstrating that it is not this type of company as shown by the ease of access to CFA Home employee portal.   Employees who need job related information can gain account access online in just a few keystrokes and a couple clicks of the mouse.  To get started with the account access process employees will need to go to the CFA Home employee portal and enter a Log-in ID along with a password.  Once the required information has been entered, the only thing left for users to do to proceed with account access is click the Login button.

Let’s get started!

Some Fun Facts Regarding Chick-fil-A

  • The restaurant has over 2,000 locations spread across 46 of the United States (including the District of Columbia)
  • Since 1996 Chick-fil-A has been the sponsor of the Peach Bowl, the 9th longest running bowl game in the country
  • In a 2016 24/7 Wall St. Customer Service Hall of Fame poll of over 1,500 adults Chick-fil-A placed 2nd of 151
  • Chick-fil-A won the top honor in for the “Provides Value Through Service” category of the Consumer Choice Awards
  • In 2014 the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience officially opened its doors

Fans of Chick-fil-A who wish to stay up to date through social media can do so by following the company on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Those who have corporate related questions for Chick-fil-A can try writing to the company’s headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Chick-fil-A Headquarters

  • 5200 Buffington Road, Atlanta, GA 30349



www.bravotv.com/roku – Activate Roku Device for Bravo TV

Bravo TV Roku

  • Activation code must be entered to begin process
  • Online contact form available to address any issues

For today’s media watcher turning on the TV and settling in for a few hours of viewing from the couch simply isn’t enough.  That is precisely why many TV fans are turning to streaming services that deliver the anytime anywhere on demand access they so desperately crave. Those who are fans of Bravo and also own a Roku device can get the instant gratification they require by using their device to access Bravo Now’s online content.  To get started users will need to activate the Roku device by getting online and going to the Bravo TV Roku activation page.  Once at the page the Roku device activation process can be completed by entering the Activation Code in the blank field provided.  Those who are having issues with the activation process can click the Contact Us link posted at the bottom of the Bravo TV Roku page to complete a brief online form.

Bravo makes streaming easy!

Any old shows I can watch after I activate my Bravo TV Roku device?

  • Top Chef – Season 14 pits 8 acclaimed chefs from across the country against 8 chefs from past seasons who are back for another shot
  • Summer House – Anything goes when a group of 9 friends get together and rent a house near the beach for an action packed summer
  • Vanderpump Rules – Let the fun (and drama) begin as Lisa Vanderpump is back for another season that is sure to most outrageous yet
  • Southern Charm – The season that premiered on April 3rd, 2017 put both new friendships and old relationships to the test

After clicking the Contact Us link posted at the Bravo TV Roku activation page the online form can be completed by entering an issue description along with an email address and name.  It will also be necessary to use the provided drop down list to select a device, specific issue, TV Provider, brand, and issue detail.

Bravo Viewer Relations

  • 3000 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 250, Burbank, CA 91523




www.aldibenefits.com – Enter Aldi Employee Benefits Account

ALDI Benefits:  How to Begin

  • Username and password are required to login to the portal
  • Account registration and account recovery options are available
  • Life Event and Dependent Verification can be completed online

In this day and age it’s hard to find a company the DOES NOT offer its employees an online method of staying up to date on benefit details.  Those who are employed by ALDI won’t have much trouble accessing this key information through the ALDI Benefits portal as the portal login process can be completed in a matter of seconds by entering a username and password into the blank fields provided.  Those who have yet to register for online access to ALDI Benefits can begin the process by entering a Company Key, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth.  Likewise, those who have forgotten their username or password can begin the account recovery process by entering the same information.

Manage your benefits online.

Want Aldi Benefits?  Positions at ALDI

  • Store Management & Staff – For those who are interested in managing or working inside one of the many ALDI stores
  • Students – Internship roles are available to students who would like to get started on an exciting career path with ALDI
  • District Managers – Those who have college degrees and are interested in running their own district may want to apply
  • Warehouse – The ALDI Warehouse team provides fulfilling work that comes with flexibility as well as rewarding benefits

Employees who need to submit a Life Event or Dependent Verification can do so by logging into the ALDI Benefits portal or sending a fax to 515-267-7383.  Those who have questions or concerns regarding their benefit information may want to try contacting the ALDI Benefits Team Monday through Friday between 7 AM and 7 PM Central Standard Time.

ALDI Benefits Team Phone Number

  • 855-841-4775


www.foxredeem.com – Enter Code & Redeem Fox Digital Movie

Fox Redeem Online

  • Redemption code found on insert is needed
  • Customer care can be emailed for assistance
  • Users can sign up for email offers from Fox
Begin your easy online move redemption.

These days one of the most exciting parts about buying a new Blu-ray is finding the insert with a code that unlocks a free digital copy of the movie.  Those who have recently purchased a movie made by 20th Century Fox should be keeping their eyes open for the redemption code found with DVD or Blu-ray packages as they can be used to redeem the digital version of the movie at the Fox Redeem page.  To begin the redemption process, users will need to enter their name and email address along with the redemption code prior to hitting the Continue button.  Those who encounter an invalid code error message at the Fox Redeem page should check to make sure they have entered the correct characters and have not entered the code previously on another computer.

New Releases Now Available on Fox Digital HD

  • Independence Day Resurgence – 20 years after the original invasion the creepy aliens are back for another round
  • Keeping Up With the Joneses – An action comedy starring Zach Galifianakis, Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher and Gal Gadot
  • The Martian – An astronaut gets stranded on the red planet while the people of earth root for his safe return home
  • Ice Age: Collision Course – The heroes of the original Ice Age are back on a hilarious journey to stop a global disaster

Prior to redeeming a digital movie users will have the option to sign up to receive email updates and offers from Fox and its Company Affiliates by checking the box listed under the fields at the Fox Redeem page (those who sign up can opt out at any time).  Users who have confirmed they have not previously used their redemption code but are still receiving the invalid code error should try reaching out to support by email.

Support Email

  • digitalhdsupport@foxcustomercare.com