www.tripadvisor.com/reviewit – Start Quick Review Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor Review It!  

  • Reviewers can use search tools to find an establishment
  • Trip Advisor also takes reviews for vacation rentals and airlines
Time for a review?

Vacationers who have had an overly positive or negative experience at a place of business usually want to spread the word about it.  Fortunately, these delighted or dismayed individuals can let everyone know exactly how they feel through the Trip Advisor Review It feature.  In order to get started with a review, users will first need to find the place they are wishing to make the critique of.  Locating a desired establishment can be done by typing the name and city of the location into the online search tool.  Once the reviewer locates the place of interest they can begin the Trip Advisor Review It process by selecting an overall rating (Terrible, Poor, Average, Very Good, Excellent) and typing a review.  By the way, long-winded reviewers may need to tone it down just a bit as the Your Review field can only hold 100 characters.

Getting to Know Trip Advisor 

  • Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site operating in 49 different markets across the globe
  • The Trip Advisor branded sites have generated more than 435 million reviews and opinions
  • The company was founded in 2000 and has worldwide headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts
  • Trip Advisor, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ and also operates websites under 24 other brands

Users who are looking to use the Trip Advisor Review It feature to critique a vacation rental will need to search by the city, owner’s name, or Property ID.  Those who are wishing to write about an airline can begin the review process by typing in its name.  Customers with general inquiries can try reaching Trip Advisor by phone or mail.

Trip Advisor Contact Information

  • 400 1st Avenue, Needham, MA 02494
  • 781-800-5000



www.target.com/viewschedule – View Target Employee Schedule

Target View Schedule Online

  • Users can login with a Team Member Number or LAN ID
  • First time portal users will receive temporary passwords
Plan your week!

Online employee portals are becoming more and more necessary as most companies become increasingly reliant on internet-based information systems.  Fortunately, they are also getting easier and easier to use.  For instance, Target employees can quickly gain access to work related information through the Target View Schedule portal.  In order to enter, employees will first need to navigate to the portal and enter a Team Member Number or LAN ID along with a password.  Team Member Numbers are 8 digits long and can be found on paychecks or Team Member Discount Cards (they are also the numbers used when accessing time clocks).  Meanwhile, LAN IDs are used when logging into a Target computer and are either in the form of a letter followed by 6 numbers or a group of letters followed by a series of numbers.

Why be a Team Member at Target?

  • The company has identified more than 120 career paths that can be explored by its 300,000 plus team members around the world
  • Each year Target Team Members give hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours to local community projects and organizations
  • The Target review process ensures that leaders regularly meet with team members to discuss strengths and development opportunities
  • New team members will enjoy the support of on-boarding and new hire experience programs that provide preparation for new challenges
  • Team members can provide their opinions on what can be done to improve business at Target through the annual Best Team Survey

First time users will need to login to the Target View Schedule portal using a temporary password.  Employees who need assistance regarding their temporary password can click the link posted at the Target View Schedule portal for online assistance.  Those who have questions for the company can try Target’s corporate inquiry number.

Target Contact Number

  • 612-304-6073



www.gapincglobalrecognition.com – Enter Employee Recognition

Gap Inc. Global Recognition 

  • Employees can login to get started
  • Login credential recovery is available
  • The portal is available in a variety of languages

One of the most thoughtful acts one employee can do for another is the simple recognition of a job well done.  For example, employees of Gap Inc. can shine the spotlight on a fellow co-worker by completing the online recognition process available at the Gap Inc. Global Recognition page. In order to do so, employees will need to login to the site by entering a Login ID along with an account password.  Meanwhile, those who have forgotten a Login ID must fill out an online contact form with a name, email address, program, subject (Forgot Login ID), country, and question/comment.  On the other hand, employees who can’t remember an account password can enter a Login ID to begin the reset process.

A Little Bit About Gap Inc.

  • The company includes Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Intermix, and Weddington Way
  • Gap Inc. clothing is sold across 90 countries worldwide by 3,300 company-operated stores
  • In addition to the company operated stores there are close to 400 Gap Inc. franchises
  • The company began when Don and Doris Fisher opened the first Gap store in 1969

Employees who are in need of assistance can try clicking the First Time Users/Login Help link posted at the Gap Inc. Global Recognition page and filling out an online contact form.  After clicking the link the Contact Us option can be selected.

By the way, employees can change of language shown on-screen by clicking one of the links found at the bottom of the Gap Inc. Global Recognition page. Individuals with corporate-related questions or concerns may want to try reaching out to Gap’s global headquarters located in San Francisco, CA.

Gap Inc. Global Headquarters

  • 2 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA 94105
  • 650-952-4400


www.traditionalhome.com/myaccount – Quick Account Login

Traditional Home My Account Management

  • Customers can choose from 2 different login methods
  • The portal provides access to gifts and subscriptions

Most loyal magazine subscribers would likely agree that easy online access to account management is something very much appreciated.  For instance, those who subscribe to Traditional Home should be thrilled with the 2 easy ways they can go about gaining online access to an account.  Those who prefer to login using an account number will need to enter it along with a password at the Traditional Home My Account portal.  Meanwhile, subscribers that do not have their account number at hand can login using the alternative method.  In order to do so, the customer must enter a name, address, and email address.  Additionally, subscribers will have the option to register to receive news and special offers from the Traditional Home family of magazines prior to signing in.

A Few of the Beautiful Homes Featured in Traditional Home Magazine

  • Chic Tennessee Farmhouse – A farmhouse brought to life with light colors, an open layout, and cypress ceilings
  • Rustic Farmhouse with Classic Style – Featuring a hideaway with a Chippendale sofa and a masculine design
  • Lovely Hamptons Guest Cottage – A two-story cottage with stained-gray shingle siding and a gambrel roof

Subscribers who are having a rough time finding their account number can refer to the sample image posted at the Traditional Home My Account page.  Those who are thinking about subscribing or giving the magazine as a gift can click the Subscribe or Give a Gift links located at the top of the page (links will redirect the purchaser to online registration forms).

Meredith Corporation Corporate Headquarters

  • 1716 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023
  • 515-284-3000



www.nrtgateway.com – Quick Entry to the NRT Gateway Portal

NRT Gateway:  A Guide to Easy Online Access

  • Users can login with an email address and password
  • The portal provides online password recovery assistance
  • The NRT Helpdesk is available by toll-free phone

Any company who relies on the support of independent contractors better be prepared to provide the same level of support right back.  It appears NRT is fully behind its independent contractor sales associates as shown by the ease of which resources, technologies, and materials can be accessed through the NRT Gateway portal.  Contractors can complete a login by entering an email address as a user name along with a chosen password.  Additionally, NRT Gateway portal users who can’t seem to recall a password can begin the reset process by clicking the Forgot your password? link.  After clicking the link, users can start the password reset process by entering the email address associated with the account.

A Spotlight on NRT

  • The company is the largest residential real estate brokerage in the country and is a subsidiary of Realogy Corporation
  • NRT owns and operates companies in more than half of the largest metropolitan areas located in the United States
  • In 2016 NRT had a closed sales volume of a whopping $166 billion to go along with 337,780 closed transaction sides
  • The company staffs approximately 5,200 employees across 789 offices and works with about 47,500 sales associates
  • Ranked as the #1 Residential Real Estate Brokerage Company for the 19th year in a row by Real Trends 500 in 2015

Users who would like to provide an opinion regarding the level satisfaction experienced when using the NRT Gateway portal can do so by clicking the Feedback button posted to the page.  Those with issues regarding the use of the portal can try contacting the NRT Help Desk Monday through Saturday from 6 AM to 12 AM ET and Sundays from 7 AM to 12 AM ET.

NRT Help Desk

  • 877-678-4357