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You Decide BJC Healthcare Employee Discount Program

  • You can enter the program with a username and password
  • Register for a new account if you’re a first time user
  • You can request an email reminder if you forget your login info

Many companies now collaborate with a variety of retailers to offer employees some pretty sweet discounts.  For instance, BJC Healthcare employees can now take advantage of the You Decide discount program.  In order to start shopping (or perhaps SAVING is the better word), start by entering your username and password.  Next click the Sign In button to login and see what’s available.

Providers and Retailers Offered by You Decide BJC Healthcare

  • AT&T – Offers a variety of media services like internet and cell phones
  • Enterprise – Need a rental care?  No problem!  Enterprise is just a call away
  • Gold’s Gym – A huge chain of fitness centers (there’s probably one close by)
  • Costco – A massive wholesale retailer that helps many people save money
  • Met Life- Provides a variety of different insurance products

In addition to a simple login process, the portal also offers easy account recovery.  For example, if you’ve forgotten a username or password you can request an email reminder.  In order to do so, just click the appropriate link and enter the email address associated with your account.

Finally, if your a new employee (or just new to the program) you can sign up by filling out a brief online form.  This can be completed by confirming your identity and deciding on your login credentials.  If you get stuck don’t hesitate to dial 866-396-5509 for assistance!

BJC Healthcare Main Office Address and Phone Number

  • 4901 Forest Park Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108
  • 314-286-2000

Grab those discounts!www.youdecide.com/bjchealthcare

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www.aapbenefits.com – Benefits Plan Login Advanced Auto Parts

AAP Benefits:  A Quick Entry Guide

  • Easy online login credential recovery is provided
  • New users can register for an online account
  • Advanced Auto Parts contact info is available
Time to take care of those benefits.

Not being able to gain access to an online account due to a lost or forgotten username or password is never a good feeling.  This especially holds true for something as important as a work-related benefits account.  Thankfully, those who rely on the AAP Benefits portal won’t have to worry about what to do next in the event this unpleasant situation arises.  The first action that must be taken to render the situation (other than taking a deep and calming breath) is a click on the Forgot your password or username? link.  After clicking the link it will be necessary to enter a Social Security Number and date of birth before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the simple account recovery process.  Users who suddenly recall the needed username and/or password can click the Cancel button to back out of the recovery process and return to the AAP Benefits portal login screen.

A Look at Advanced Auto Parts

  • Holds the title of the largest automotive aftermarket parts provider in North America
  • Currently employs over 74,000 teams members while operating more than 5,200 stores
  • Was founded by Arthur Tabman way back 1932 (now that’s a long and rich history!)
  • Services more than 1,300 Car Quest branded stores (that sure is a great deal of service)
  • Great for pros as well as do-it-yourself types (nothing like the satisfaction of self-reliance)

Once the username and/or password have been successfully recovered they can be entered into the blank fields at the top of the AAP Benefits portal before clicking the Login button to gain access.  New users can begin by clicking the Register button and entering a Social Security Number and date of birth to begin the online account creation process.  Questions for Advanced Auto Parts can be addressed by calling 877-238-2623 (the number is available 7 days a week so even the busiest of individuals should be able to find the time to call).  Those who prefer the pageantry of a hand written letter can send their questions to the company’s support center in Roanoke, VA.

Advanced Auto Parts Support Center Address

  • 5008 Airport Rd., Roanoke, VA 24012